Shopping is a great pleasure in life, and the potential time restraints and stresses of traveling should not lessen this pleasure. With the unique Border shop platform of Vinumport Duty Free, business travelers and avid vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy a tremendous array of high quality products including top brand names and items that are often made expensive by extremely high taxes and duties with significant savings. We are proud to offer product lines that include a much wider variety than other duty free shops, making the shopping experience more appealing and satisfying for our consumers. While our product lines vary by the location of our retail establishments and the expected demographics of each, some of the primary products that we proudly offer include:

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Fine whisky is treasured for its smooth, deep flavor that is enhanced through special aging processes. Vinumport Duty Free retail locations offer an impressive selection of rare whiskies from around the world. These bottles are an ideal complement to anyone’s collection, but can also be enjoyed by even the most discerning of tastes. Our rare and hard to find Single Malt offerings are one of the primary reasons that those crossing the border take the time to stop and enjoy our shops.

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Wine is appreciated by a large segment of society. Ranging from delicate and sweet to complex and aggressive, wine cannot be characterized as just one type of beverage. Whether travelers are looking for a token to offer family that they are visiting or wish to supplement their personal collection, Vinumport offers a variety of vintages and styles to meet every taste.

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From the rich sweetness of pipe tobacco to the mild bitterness of cigarettes, tobacco is a treasured commodity that is often subject to staggering duties and taxes. Our assortment of tobacco products offers the highest quality at a fantastic discount.

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One of the most popular items to offer as gifts, but also a common purchase of travelers wanting to spruce up a bit, fragrances have the power to completely change how a person feels. We offer the newest fragrances from famous names as well as specialty items that meet a wide array of personalities and tastes.

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