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Don’t miss the opportunity to join the exciting retail industry in a fast-paced, challenging and rewarding environment!

At Vinumport Duty Free we understand that being at the forefront of the duty free retail industry is not just about the products that we choose or the facility locations where we offer shopping solutions for business individuals and vacationers traveling by car near the border. The most important part of our business structure is the people who comprise our team and we are in constant pursuit of talented and motivated individuals to join us in our efforts to offer the highest quality of services and products to our customers. We understand that it is not just about finding the best people to work for our company and recruiting them to join the team, but offering them a career that will retain their talents for years to come. It is our goal to develop a business architecture based on individuals who love what they do and show this love in the dedication, effort and innovation they bring to their responsibilities within the company.

Open positions

Sales person
Champlain, NY
Store Manager
Champlain, NY
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One of the core values we have as a company is associate satisfaction. We believe that the happiness and contentment of those that build the company is directly related to the happiness and contentment of the consumers that they serve. Whether the employee works directly with customers in a retail establishment, offers support to these associates or is a member of the corporate infrastructure, the better an employee feels about his role within a company, the better the experience of each consumer that visits a Vinumport Duty Free establishment.

Another thing that sets us apart in terms of the careers available is our dedication to customizing our Duty Free Border shop establishments to their location. The product lines and presentation of each store is optimized for the tastes, preferences and needs of the travelers that frequent that area. This allows us to continued providing the widest variety of high quality products and most satisfying experience for each consumer. This customization means that the associates chosen for each store will have the unique opportunity to contribute to the personality and individual appeal of that establishment so they will truly make a difference in the overall experience for our consumers and can feel greater pride in their role.